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Education foundations are non-profit organizations that work to raise funds to supplement learning needs that aren't being met through public funds. Foundations link private funds with the school education through philanthropic donations, grants, business partnerships and creative fundraising efforts.

REEF continues to explore creative ways to promote technology in the classroom. We are committed to ensuring that every student be given every advantage in technology and science to help them compete in the 21st century.

REEF's contributions are changing the way teachers instruct and the way students learn.  Help us acheive our goals and expose the students at River Eves Elementary School to the technology of today's world; click here to donate.

Voting Trustees

Caroline Gatts, Member At Large

Bill Kostanidis , Member At Large

Crystal Tanagho, Member At Large

Michelle Wetherill, Auction Chair

Who's on Board

Non-Voting Trustees

Alison Bounds, PTA Liaison

Neil Pinnock, Principal

Christine Albert, Faculty Liaison

River Eves Education Foundation (REEF) was established in 2009 to help supplement the funding gaps between the school's budget and county proceeds through community-driven fundraising.  Founded by parents, the mission of REEF is to raise funds to purchase instructional technology and provide resources that maximize the utilization of that technology at River Eves.   

REEF is governed by a board that works hand-in-hand with River Eves parents, teachers, staff, adminsitration, and the community to identify needs and priorities.

Through creative and exciting fundraising activities, REEF will strive to engage not just parents but the community-at-large. Additionally, REEF raises money from corporate gift-matching programs and private/public grants.

​For more information on REEF, check out our Drive for Education Excellence video.

Your REEF Dollars at Work  

REEF's contributions are changing the way teachers instruct and the way students learn. Together we can acheive our goals and expose the students at River Eves Elementary School to the technology of today's world.

 To date, REEF has raised over $400,000.  Some of our most notable purchases include:  

  • Aquaponics Lab
  • Maker Space in the Media Center
  • Technology Coach and other teacher training
  • Promethean ActivBoards in all homeroom classrooms 
  • iPad in each homeroom class
  • iPad mobile carts for each hallway
  • Document Cameras 
  • Sets of ActiVotes
  • Sound system in the cafeteria
  • Projector & big screen for gymnasium
  • Various other technology and accessories including:   
    • Netbooks  
    • Kindle readers

"Technology has a big impact on my teaching! We use iPads to practice skills, to take AR tests, take pictures and videos of what we are learning to share with parents. Our ActivBoard allows us to get additional "hands on" practice to learn. We love using the ActiVotes! All of the technology that we use at REE gets the students excited and engaged!"

Cindy Goodwin, 1st Grade Teacher

"A document camera allows any object or document to be transformed into an interactive teaching tool which can be shared with the entire classroom.  Basically anything can be projected on the ActivBoard for presentation and discussion.  I use it everyday; it has been a helpful tool in my classroom."
 Michelle Aga, 5th Grade Teacher

“The River Eves Foundation helps us to achieve our mission of ensuring every student reaches a high level of academic achievement in ways that we could not do on our own. Having both the Foundation and an active PTA that work collaboratively with us is hugely beneficial to meeting the needs of our students.”
Neil Pinnock, Principal

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