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The Aquaponics Lab is a hands-on learning experience consisting of a waterfall, an upper pool, river and lower pool representing the eco-environment of the Chattahoochee River which flows through Roswell, GA. The Aquaponics Lab fosters local fish, reptiles and plants. For the 2018-2019 school year, we have hired a dedicated teacher to optimize the lesson plans and education for our students.

In this lab, students will learn about:

- Local plants and animals

- Ecosystems and habitats

- Environment and conservation

- Hypothesis setting and experimental design

Most importantly, students have FUN!
Learn more about the River Eves Aquaponics Lab here.

REEF funds all aspects of the Aquaponics Lab, including tuition, lesson plans, repairs and maintenance to provide this experience to students without relying on the school budget or resources.

Our students LOVE the Aquaponics Lab and hands-on learning, but we need YOUR support to fund the Aquaponics Lab for the future.

With your support we can open the Aquaponics Lab to all students in the Roswell, GA area!


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 Aquaponics Grand Opening, 2017